NZERI – Charter Membership Criteria

As of Nov 2023, only the erstwhile ENZRA – INDIA (Education New Zealand Recognized Agents) have been invited to join NZERI. If your company was an India based ENZRA in 2023 (before ENZ suspended the programme), you can join the charter members group of NZERI.

Please email us at with your expression of interest to join NZERI.

How to become a New Member of NZERI?

You may submit an expression of interest to be a member. But, you will require an “Invitation to Apply” from one of the Charter Members.

Once an ITA is issued, the interested organisations i.e. education consultants duly registered and operating within the Indian subcontinent, promoting New Zealand as a study destination; you will be required to meet the New Membership Eligibility Criteria mentioned below.

All the members of NZERI are required to adhere to the “Code of Ethical Conduct” and other standards established by the organisation.


NZERI – New Membership Eligibility Criteria

1. Legal Status: Must be a GST registered entity with appropriate legal status in India and be in operation for a minimum of two years prior to the application.

2. Clean Track Record:

  • Must have a clean business record with no history of fraud or malpractice, and,
  • Must provide at least two references from recognized educational institutions in New Zealand, and,
  • Must provide at least two references from existing members of NZERI


(* Reference checks shall be conducted with New Zealand Education Providers, ENZ as well as other relevant government agencies and stakeholders)

3. Authorised Representation of Education Providers:

Must have a valid agreement to act as representative/agent of:

  • Minimum of 2 Universities, and
  • Te-Pukenga – NZIST, and
  • Minimum of 2 PTEs (Category 1 as per latest NZQA EER)

4. Visa Approval Rate from INZ:

It is important that the members of NZERI maintain an excellent visa approval rate at all times.

5. Professional Knowledge:

  • Must demonstrate a deep understanding of New Zealand’s education system, courses, and institutions, etc.
  • Must demonstrate the understanding of and complying with the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.

Through consistent updates, specialized training sessions, and interactions with the stakeholders including Education New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand, and the education providers, NZERI strives to create and adhere to the highest levels of professionalism and self-regulated ethical conduct among its members.

For an organisation like NZERI, which plays a crucial role in representing and promoting the interests of Education New Zealand (that encompasses the interests of the entire education export sector of New Zealand), in India and the subcontinent, it’s imperative to have stringent eligibility criteria to ensure only the most qualified and reputable entities are the members of NZERI.

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New Zealand Education Representatives in India is an apex body comprising members who are qualified, trusted, tested and established organizations promoting Education in New Zealand for decades.

NZERI is registered* as a not-for-profit organization and works as a self-regulated body, governed by a Code of Ethical Conduct.

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