Membership in NZERI signifies a commitment to excellence, ethical recruitment practices, and a dedication to providing the highest quality service to students wishing to study in New Zealand.

Here are the top five benefits for becoming a member of the New Zealand Education Representatives in India (NZERI):

1. Advocacy and Influence: NZERI represents the collective voice of its members and can advocate on their behalf with policy makers and education institutions. Members have the opportunity to influence policy decisions and contribute to the development of the education sector, ensuring that it remains resilient, sustainable, and aligned with the goals of developing global citizens.

2. Networking Opportunities: Membership in NZERI provides a platform to connect with other education & immigration professionals, institutions, government organizations and industry stakeholders. These connections can lead to partnerships, exchange of ideas, and collaboration opportunities that are invaluable for professional growth and business expansion.

3. Professional Development: NZERI, in association with Education New Zealand and other stakeholders, shall organise training sessions, workshops, and seminars that are designed to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of its members. This continuous professional development ensures that members remain at the forefront of the industry.

4. Recognition and Credibility: Being a member of a respected professional body such as NZERI adds credibility to an adviser’s or consultant’s organisation. It signifies a commitment to high ethical standards and professional integrity, which can increase trust among students and education providers.

5. Access to Accurate Information and Resources: Members of NZERI receive the latest updates and comprehensive resources about New Zealand’s education sector, which ensures they can provide current and prospective students with accurate and reliable information about studying in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Education Representatives in India is an apex body comprising members who are qualified, trusted, tested and established organizations promoting Education in New Zealand for decades.

NZERI is registered* as a not-for-profit organization and works as a self-regulated body, governed by a Code of Ethical Conduct.

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